Classification of stainless steel series

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Classification of stainless steel series

Stainless steel is usually divided into 400 series, 300 series and 200 series.
Series 200: austenitic stainless steel. Features: low Ni content, easy to rust. Use: make stainless steel belt, used for decoration materials, stainless steel doors and Windows, stainless steel stair handrail, security net, etc.
Series 300: austenitic stainless steel. Features: high Ni content, good corrosion resistance. USES: used in industry, chemical equipment, printing and dyeing equipment.
Series 400: martensitic, ferrite stainless steel. Features: no Ni, easy to rust. USES: it is used for tableware, cutting tools and cutting tools.
300 series, 400 series stainless steel is a major consumer market varieties, 200 series stainless steel is the plight of nickel in order to solve the shortage of supply, and to develop a low nickel stainless steel products, as the 300 series of products of emergency and complement, but because of its corrosion performance, processing performance is far lower than the 300 series stainless steel, and because of its containing manganese element, has serious harm to human body, recycling is poor, cannot be recycled, so the European and American developed country production and consumption is low, our country has yet to the national standard on 200 series stainless steel.
According to ISSF (international stainless steel BBS) statistics, the consumption proportion of 300 series stainless steel is about 54% of the total consumption of stainless steel, 400 series stainless steel is about 25%, and 200 series stainless steel is about 21%.