Concept and characteristics of cold and hot rolled stainless steel sheet

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Concept and characteristics of cold and hot rolled stainless steel sheet

Crude steel, hot rolled stainless steel is also called stainless steel hot rolled stainless steel coil is to use stainless steel continuous casting slab or slab as raw material, after stepping furnace heated to 1100-1250 degrees Celsius, high pressure water descaling after entering the roughing mill and finishing mill, after finishing after laminar cooling and coiler winding, become hot rolling black volume, after acid pickling to remove oxide skin hot rolled stainless steel coil. Hot rolled stainless steel is mostly used as raw material for cold rolled stainless steel production. A small amount of hot rolled stainless steel is directly used as industrial materials for chemical industry, petroleum, machinery, shipbuilding and other industries to manufacture corrosion resistant parts, containers and equipment.
Its features:
1. Poor toughness and surface smoothness, low price;
2. The temperature of hot rolling is similar to that of forging;
3. Hot plate is processed by hot stamping with oxidized skin on the surface, and the thickness of the plate is poor;
4. Due to its production technology, it has many civil applications, such as kitchen utensils, general household appliances, etc.;
5. The mechanical properties of hot-rolled steel plates are far less than those of cold processing and forging processing, but they have better toughness and ductility.
Cold rolled stainless steel is processed and rolled on the basis of hot rolled stainless steel sheet rolls. Generally speaking, it is such a processing process as hot rolling, pickling and cold rolling. Although in the process because of rolling will also make the steel plate heating, still called cold rolling. Due to the hot rolling after continuous cold deformation of cold rolling, mechanical properties are poor, hardness is too high. It must be annealed to restore its mechanical properties, no annealing is called rolling hard coil.
Its features:
1. Cold rolled steel plate has a certain degree of processing hardening, low toughness, high price;
2. No scale on the surface of cold rolling, good quality;
3. The product made of cold deformation has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality;
4. Cold rolling is widely used in all walks of life due to its production technology, such as all kinds of cold stamping parts, cold rolled cold extrusion profile, cold coil spring, cold drawn wire, cold heading bolt, etc.