How are hot dip galvanized products classified

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How are hot dip galvanized products classified

According to the coating, the coating produced by this process can be basically divided into the following 6 types:

GI (pure zinc coating);

GA (zinc iron alloy coating);

55% Al Zn (aluminum zinc coating; galvalume);

5% Al Zn (zinc aluminum coating, Galfan);

Aluminizing: aluminizing can be divided into two categories, one is pure aluminum plating, and the other is Aluminized Silicon Products;

ZAM (zinc aluminum magnesium), a new type of coated zinc aluminum magnesium products in recent years, such as zn-5al-3mg. Zinc aluminum magnesium is a series of products, which can include different Mg content and Al content.

The following is a brief introduction to the current situation

Characteristics of the two most commonly used coatings

Hot plated pure zinc product, code GI

Hot plated pure zinc products are characterized by beautiful surface, good corrosion resistance and good processability.

It is divided into normal zinc flower and zinc free flower. Before the hot-dip galvanizing products, because the lead in the zinc solution can not be refined very pure, there are always some zinc flowers on the surface, so our traditional concept of hot-dip galvanizing is zinc flowers.

With its wide application in automobile industry, normal zinc flower can not meet the requirements of coating. By reducing the lead content in zinc ingot and liquid zinc, products with no or little zinc flowers can be produced.

Of course, if you like large zinc flowers used on buildings, you can also add elements such as lead or antimony to the liquid zinc, so that large and beautiful zinc flowers will appear in front of you.

Aluminum zinc products, code GL

The corrosion resistance is particularly good. Its zinc flower looks like a fish scale. It is very beautiful and can be used directly naked.

Its corrosion resistance is 2-6 times that of our ordinary hot-dip galvanizing, and it can be used at 300 ℃ without discoloration. If it is used for a short time, it also has good color retention ability at 700 ℃ and excellent heat reflection effect.

This product is widely used in construction and home appliance industries.