How to improve the waterproof and wind resistance performance of metal pressure plate house?

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How to improve the waterproof and wind resistance performance of metal pressure plate house?

Metal pressure plate seams building steel plate is a waterproof quality common fault of the main position, such as workshop roof lap seam caused by plate per unit length is not enough, the old plate type roof and a new roof panel on the edge of the lock position, roof plate seam roof light inlet window and metal, especially the roof fan base, ventilation system, ventilation devices such as the root window, extremely easy to cause the water.Today small make up for you to introduce the metal pressure plate joint waterproof what to improve it.


The waterproof construction scheme of metal pressed plate not only increases the impermeability range of the additional layer, but also increases the bonding range of the lower part of the additional layer, thus adding an impermeability defense line within a certain range, thus effectively preventing the occurrence of leakage.


What are the key points for effective metal presswork?It makes the roof a whole without any seams.In this way, the roof steel plate will not leak, and the joints will not leak, thus achieving the overall waterproof.The bottom surface airtight waterproof coating has excellent elasticity, can prevent the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the material and the destruction of workers' stampede.Similar treatment can be applied to roof screws, fasteners, both sides of the roof ridge cover, roof drainage area, and root through roof tube orifice.


As for the wind resistance treatment of steel structure buildings, the metal pressure plate adopts vertical lock aluminum alloy system, which is composed of upper pressure plate, T code, insulation cotton, wire mesh, upper and lower purlins and bottom pressure plate.Upper roof size is 0.9mm thick, rib height is 65mm, plate width is 0.50m, purlin spacing is 1.0m or 1.5m.Since the completion of this engineering system, part of the roof area has been lifted by strong winds for many times, and the damage is concentrated in the position of the two ends of the cornice on the north side of the roof to the symmetrical line in the center.


To solve the problem of strong wind resistance of the roof system, it is necessary to analyze the wind resistance force of the system. Before the stress analysis, the actual wind pressure data of the roof should be clarified, which is also the premise and key of accurate stress analysis.In order to obtain the real wind pressure data of the roof, an automatic wind speed and direction recording instrument was installed on both sides of the roof damaged by wind pressure, and an automatic wind speed and direction recording instrument was also set up on the nearby open ground 10 meters above the ground.After several months of wind speed records, the actual wind pressure of the roof and the ratio of the wind to the ground at the same time were obtained.The metal roofing system is calculated and checked according to the wind pressure data after wind tunnel simulation.