Inspection standard of color coated steel coil

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Inspection standard of color coated steel coil

The inspection standard of color coated steel coil can be described from the aspects of specification, size, coating, surface inspection and label requirements.


01 Size


The width error is+- 2mm, the incision is straight, the section is neat, and the thickness tolerance is+-0.03mm.


02 Coating


The coating type shall meet the contract requirements, the coating color shall be uniform, without obvious color difference, and the coating thickness shall meet the contract requirements.


03 Surface inspection


The coil surface shall be flat, free of obvious concave convex, warping, deformation, clean surface, no oil stain, no bubble, shrinkage cavity, missing coating and other defects harmful to use, and the defective part of the steel coil shall not exceed 5% of the total length of each coil, and shall be free of obvious scratches, bumps and scars.


04 Label requirements


The paper strip or other material products on the package must have the product name, specification, manufacturer and other contents, and the packaging mark must be eye-catching, firm, legible, and marked with the supplier's name or supplier's trademark, standard number, trademark, specification, weight, and the packaging mark must indicate the identification number that can trace the steel to smelting, and the quality certificate must indicate the supplier's name, contract number, product name, standard number, specification, trademark The identification number, weight, number of pieces, production date and delivery date that can trace from steel to smelting must indicate the weight of substrate coating, type and color of finish paint, etc.