Main advantages and uses of galvanized steel coil

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Main advantages and uses of galvanized steel coil

Hot dip galvanized sheet is a kind of corrosion-resistant galvanized grating sheet, which infiltrates welded steel grating into molten zinc or zinc alloy material and produces zinc coating on the surface of stainless steel plate. Hot dip galvanizing is a more common and cost-effective steel anti-corrosion treatment process. Hot dip galvanizing technology can avoid the corrosion of steel crafts, increase the service life and save energy consumption, which has irreplaceable effect. Hot dip galvanizing steel is a resource-saving development prospect.

The corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanized sheet comes from the standard electric potential of zinc and the standard electrode potential of iron. Therefore, the service life of steel crafts is greatly improved by cathodic protection of zinc layer in the presence of water or wet and cold gas to maintain the steel base. Hot dip galvanizing, phosphating treatment, hot spray galvanizing and mechanical equipment galvanizing are the common types of hot dip galvanizing in industrialization, and hot dip galvanizing accounts for about 80% of all.

Main use of galvanized sheet: cold rolled steel sheet infiltrates into molten zinc bath, and its surface layer adheres to a layer of zinc. This type of thick steel plate not only has the function of antirust treatment, but also has the function of spraying. In the welding, spraying, rust, and other aspects, with stronger adaptability. According to the main uses, galvanized sheet can be divided into general use, indoor use, engineering and building side plate, structural use, tile ridge plate, Lashin use and low alloy plate.