PLC for enterprise intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management to provide a strong support

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PLC for enterprise intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management to provide a strong support

At present, PLC control technology has been mature in the field of steel rolling production, the use of PLC control technology to set up the steel rolling production line, has a high reliability and stability, and the collection and processing of production data, control precision and level have been improved by the large span, many dangerous places have realized unmanned operation.This promotion and application for enterprise full information, automation, intelligent manufacturing to provide a strong support.


Network + digitization.The establishment of DCS industrial control network is inseparable from PLC control technology, the current PLC manufacturers have integrated serial port communication and Ethernet communication function, internal integration of MODBUS and IPv6 communication protocol, the establishment of industrial control network becomes more convenient.The user only needs to adjust the PLC communication network to realize the data interaction between the PLC controllers and upload the operation information of the control sub-station to the central controller. Finally, the control object needs to be adjusted in combination with the production.

Anti-interference ability.The control environment of metallurgical enterprises is relatively bad. Many electrical and mechanical equipment are operating together, and there are serious electromagnetic interference problems, which will bring adverse effects on data acquisition and transmission, and reduce the PLC control accuracy, unable to meet the needs of process production.It is necessary to add research on PLC's anti-electromagnetic dry resistance ability, improve the PLC controller's environmental adaptability, do a good job in PLC protection and temperature control, ensure that PLC runs in a reasonable temperature range, can also do a good job in anti-electromagnetic interference shielding design, can reduce the electromagnetic interference caused by the operation of equipment, so as to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.

Application of sequence control.The traditional sequence control is controlled by the relay loop, which needs the proximity switch as the trigger condition, so the control efficiency and precision cannot reach a high level.PLC control technology has been fully applied to the relay control circuit, the electrical circuit has been simplified, by writing the internal sequence control program, can meet the requirements of metallurgical technology, and the configuration of information and communication module to achieve data transmission, the number of lines has become less.With the continuous improvement of the company's automation control level, the production cost has been effectively controlled, which can achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction in the electrical transformation. In combination with the company's production and operation requirements, the process has been coordinated and controlled.


Closed loop control applications.GaXian PLC control technology, the need to configure the man-machine interface device, according to the production process requirement, the operator using the touch screen to set parameters, can be implemented to stop and speed control of the actuator, the closed-loop control technology can further improve the control precision, need to use sensors to collect parameters such as speed, flow, pressure, temperature, through the communication lines to deliver data to PLC controller, the actual signal compared with set values, through the control algorithm to rectify, ensure that the actual control requirements and the set value.The internal PID control instruction can be used, combined with the characteristics of the control object, for proportional, differential and integral control, the implementation of the stable operation of the actuator.

Weighing system.Materials and finished products shall be measured and weighed, and the weighing data shall be uploaded to the management system software.The traditional weighing method mostly USES industrial control computer and electronic weighing method, and the reliability and stability of weight measurement are not high, which requires a large investment of capital, so the automation level cannot be improved, and the data transmission is very inconvenient.PLC control technology can be used to better improve the measurement accuracy, and the data can be uploaded to the management system in real time through the communication network, so as to create a good "environment" for the company's production.

Chemical water treatment system.The original chemical water treatment application ion exchange method, through the ion resin in the sewage will be fully absorbed by the ion ion treatment, but a long running time will lead to the exchange resin failure, the need to resin to carry out the original realization of the application again.After adopting PLC control technology, two sets of equipment can be superposition according to the actual situation of resin exchange, so as to improve the efficiency of water treatment.