Precautions for use of galvanized steel coil

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Precautions for use of galvanized steel coil

1. Packaging

There are two types: galvanized sheet cut into fixed length and rolled galvanized sheet packaging. Generally speaking, the iron sheet packaging is lined with moisture-proof paper and tied with iron waist to prevent the galvanized sheets inside from friction with each other.

2. Specification and size

The relevant product dimensions (as described below) all list the recommended dimension thickness, length and width of galvanized sheet and its allowable defects. In addition, the width and length of the board and the width of the roll can also be determined according to the user's requirements.

3. Surface

General situation: due to different treatment methods in the coating process, galvanized sheet has different general situation, such as general zinc flower, fine zinc flower, flat zinc flower, non zinc flower and phosphating treatment. The galvanized sheet cut into fixed length and galvanized coil shall not have defects affecting its use (as listed below), but the rolled sheet is allowed to have non deformed parts such as welding parts.

4. Galvanizing quantity

Scale value of galvanizing quantity: galvanizing quantity is a widely used useful method to indicate the thickness of zinc coating on galvanized sheet. There are two types of galvanizing: the same amount of galvanizing on both sides (i.e. the same thickness) and the different amount of galvanizing on both sides (i.e. different thickness). The unit of galvanizing quantity is g / m2.

Galvanized steel sheet is very popular in various environments, with a long anti-corrosion life, but the anti-corrosion life is different in different environments. The treatment cost is low, and the antirust cost of galvanized steel plate is lower than other coatings. Durable. In suburban environment, the standard galvanized antirust coating can be maintained for more than 50 years without maintenance. In urban or offshore areas, the standard galvanized antirust coating can be maintained for 20 years without maintenance. Good reliability. Zinc coating and steel metallurgy combine and become a part of the rigid surface, so the durability of the coating is relatively reliable and the coating toughness is strong. The zinc coating forms a special metallurgical structure, which can withstand the mechanical damage in the process of transportation and use.