Process and use of galvanized steel coil

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Process and use of galvanized steel coil

The construction industry is an important industry in China, so we pay more attention to the tools of the construction industry. In the past, most of them were bamboo springboards and wooden springboards, which were not only unsafe, but also wasted forest resources. The use of steel springboards saves resources and is environmentally friendly, which is the inevitable trend of social development. The hot-dip galvanized steel springboard is not only reasonable in material, durable and long in service life, but also reasonable in design and convenient to build, but also has small holes on it, which can discharge water and sand, prevent ponding and sand accumulation, achieve anti-skid effect and be safer.

With the continuous development of the construction industry, there will be many new products of building materials. Hot dip galvanized steel springboard is one of the products of market progress. In recent years, the effect of galvanized steel springboard in building construction is very prominent, and has been effectively popularized and applied. So, how many people know how to identify the quality of galvanized steel springboard? Next, Anping kaiyao wire steel springboard manufacturer will introduce to you how to identify:

1. Raw materials for production: most of the raw materials used for galvanized steel springboard are galvanized steel plates, and the quality of galvanized steel plates is also different. The hardness of galvanized steel plates produced by small steel mills and large steel mills are different. The galvanized steel plates of many small steel mills do not meet the standard, and the galvanized steel springboard began to crack in a few months. However, the galvanized steel plate produced by big steel works is of good quality. The galvanized steel springboard under normal use will not have any problems in just a few months.

2. Thickness of galvanized steel springboard: the thickness of galvanized steel springboard is directly related to the service life of galvanized steel springboard. The thickness of general galvanized steel springboard is divided into 1.2mm and 1.5mm. If the construction period is long, it is recommended that you choose a thicker galvanized steel springboard, which has a longer service life and is more firm and solid.

3. Production process of galvanized steel springboard: the raw materials of galvanized steel springboard are very important, but its production process is also very important. It will be directly related to the safety coefficient and anti-skid coefficient of galvanized steel springboard.