Process flow and main use of color coated steel coil

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Process flow and main use of color coated steel coil

Color coated steel coil, also known as color steel plate in the industry. Color coated steel coil is a product made of cold rolled steel plate and galvanized steel coil as the base plate, after surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), continuous coating (roller coating), baking and cooling. Coated steel plate has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can also be directly processed. It provides a new type of raw material for the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing industry, household appliances industry, electrical industry, etc. It has played a good role in replacing wood with steel, efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention, etc.


Production process:


The main production processes of the common two coat and two bake continuous color coating unit are:


Uncoiler ------ sewing machine ------ pressure roller ------ tension machine ------ uncoiling looper ------ alkali washing and degreasing ------ cleaning ------ drying ------ passivation ------ drying ------ initial coating and drying ------ finishing coat ------ finishing coat drying ------ air cooling cooling ------ winding looper ------ winding machine ------ (lower coil is packed and put into storage).

Product use:


The color coated steel plate using galvanized steel plate as the base plate, in addition to the zinc protection, the organic coating on the zinc layer plays the role of covering and isolation, which can prevent the steel plate from rusting. Its service life is longer than that of galvanized steel plate. It is reported that the service life of coated steel plate is 50% longer than that of galvanized steel plate. However, in different regions and different parts of use, the service life of color coated plates with the same zinc content, the same coating and the same coating thickness will be very different. For example, in industrial areas or coastal areas, due to the effect of sulfur dioxide gas or salt in the air, the corrosion rate is accelerated and the service life is affected. In the rainy season, the coating will be quickly corroded and its service life will be reduced if it is soaked by rain for a long time, or if the temperature difference between day and night is too large and it is easy to condensation. Buildings or plants made of color coated steel plates often have a long service life when washed by rain, otherwise, their use will be affected by sulfur dioxide gas, salt and dust. Therefore, in the design, if the inclination of the roof is greater, it is less likely to accumulate dirt such as dust, and the service life is longer; Areas or parts that are not frequently washed by rain shall be washed with water regularly.


Household appliances: 31% Building: 63% Others: 6%


Color steel plate is widely used. It has excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high processing and other characteristics. Color steel plate is widely used in construction, household appliances, transportation, packaging, mechanical processing, interior decoration, medical treatment, automobile industry, etc.


Quality characteristics:


1. , economy


The production process of color coated steel plate is less harmful to the environment, and can be recycled, which greatly reduces the pollution to the environment. Moreover, the self weight is light, which can save the materials for bearing structures and reduce the cost.


2. Convenient processing and construction


The color coated plate can be rolled into profiled steel plates of various shapes and lengths as required. There is generally no overlap in the middle. The construction is simple and the waterproof effect is good