Promote the healthy and orderly development of the steel structure market

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Promote the healthy and orderly development of the steel structure market

In July this year, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the national development and Reform Commission issued the implementation plan for carbon peak in urban and rural construction, which clearly stipulates that carbon emissions in urban and rural construction will reach a peak by 2030; Strive to achieve green and low-carbon transformation in urban and rural construction mode by 2060. We will promote green and low-carbon construction, vigorously develop prefabricated buildings, and promote steel structure housing. By 2030, prefabricated buildings will account for 40% of new urban buildings in that year.

"The establishment of the steel structure construction industry manufacturing working committee coincides with the time." On August 2, at the inaugural meeting of the steel structure building industry manufacturing working committee (hereinafter referred to as the working committee), Ni Jiangbo, vice president of China Building Energy Conservation Association, said:.

At present, the CPC Central Committee has made an overall plan for both domestic and international situations, and proposed that we should base ourselves on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, speed up the construction of a new development pattern, and integrate carbon peaking and carbon neutralization into the overall layout of ecological civilization construction and the overall situation of economic and social development. At present, there are some complex problems in the construction field, which need to be coordinated and promoted by various associations. "After the establishment of the working committee, we can start from the whole process of engineering construction, from the whole life cycle, from the whole industrial chain, and from all professional and technical fields, promote coordinated development, and build a new pattern of green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the construction industry and the metallurgical industry. This is a vivid practice required by the Party Central Committee and a concrete measure to create a new pattern of high-quality development of the construction industry and the steel industry." He pointed out.

"As a voluntary association composed of enterprises and institutions, social organizations and individuals related to building energy conservation and green building, China Building Energy Conservation Association is willing to play our role and make our unique contribution according to the working committee platform in the face of the current 'double carbon' goal." He suggested that China's construction industry is exploring to create ultra-low, near zero energy consumption and low-carbon buildings. We can carry out targeted work such as direct emission, indirect emission, hidden carbon and carbon footprint verification of steel structure construction products, coordinate to improve and improve the thermal insulation technology system and energy efficiency level of energy consumption equipment, and explore the use of renewable energy to replace traditional energy.