Seize the double hundred action new opportunity, deepen the reform to stimulate new vitality

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Seize the double hundred action new opportunity, deepen the reform to stimulate new vitality

March 30, in the afternoon, China 10 QiYe group in order to speed up the "double hundred" comprehensive reform process, promote the reform goal, the headquarters "double hundred" comprehensive reform working conference, the company with the secondary companies and signed a term project intends to operation achievements responsibility, the assessment of professional managers responsibility, leasing management responsibility of the pilot project.

In recent years, China metallurgical group has continuously deepened the reform and innovation of management mechanism and organizational structure, continuously stimulated the development momentum of the enterprise, and maintained a scale growth of more than 15% for six consecutive years.In 2019, the company will seize the opportunity of the "double hundred action" reform by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council and become the first subsidiary of China minmetals group to be selected into the "double hundred action".The company further deepens the reform, stimulates the development new vigor.

Make a list of your problems

Since ten QiYe included in the "double hundred", take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, face to face with the traditional state-owned enterprises widespread systemic, institutional and structural problems, closely combining the reality of the company, focusing on its main business transformation and upgrading, emphasis on efficiency and benefit, according to the objectives of the reform of the "five breakthrough conditions", combing through deepening reform the key items of 27 items.It is planned to be implemented in three phases, with full completion by the end of 2020.The first stage is to solve problems left over from history and comprehensively strengthen party building.In the second stage, we will comprehensively improve the corporate governance structure, actively yet prudently promote the reform of equity diversification and mixed ownership, establish and improve the medium - and long-term incentive and restraint mechanism, and improve the market-oriented operation mechanism.The third stage further improved and optimized the reform measures.

Company according to the reform plan, combined with China metallurgical group "for metallurgical construction team main force, emerging industry leader, basic construction, insist for a long time to go the way of high technology, high quality development" strategy guide, closely around company "appoaches, into the central plains, the coordinated development of domestic and overseas," the marketing strategy, and create "national team", China metallurgical steel refining luqiao brand, China metallurgical pipe gallery brand new energy, urban construction of high-end brands and brand construction of comprehensive, balanced and further promote the reform of "double hundred" 27 items, to ensure the implementation of the reform does not go out of form, don't walk, to reach the expected aim.

Reform has produced initial results

In the process of advancing the reform, the company starts with comprehensively strengthening the leadership of the party and provides ideological and political guarantee for comprehensively promoting the reform.The party committee of the company clarifies and implements the legal status of the party organization in the corporate governance structure, gives full play to the leadership and political core role of the party committee, and achieves 100% coverage of the party organization.We will strengthen the training of party construction teams and the building of the "three bases", sign a task book for the assessment of party construction, and carry out comprehensive assessments on a regular basis.At present, the company's party building work level on the level, by the superior party organizations.

In the reform, the company focuses on the optimization of human resources management, adheres to the principle of the party in charge of cadres, the party in charge of talents, and systematically revises the basic human resources management system.Deepening market-oriented mechanism of selection and appointment of cadres, cadres "horse" for the "horse race", set "ten QiYe leading personnel management system of" clear measurable and comparable, operable under the "can can" standard, optimize the leadership at all levels, has accomplished many secondary companies and cadres of the general headquarters/departments and major project to adjust equipment work.At the same time, centering on the "efficiency + benefit" assessment orientation, it evaluates the value creation and actual contribution of post personnel, and tilts the incentive focus to units and individuals with outstanding performance.

The company actively promotes equity diversification and mixed ownership reform.On the premise of meeting the selection criteria and consensus of strategic investors, the company has introduced strategic investors to increase capital in subsidiaries such as MCC engineering technology company to form a diversified mixed ownership structure. The agreement on investment intention has been signed with the intended investors, and the preliminary work of due diligence has been carried out.Through the mixed ownership reform, the company introduces non-public capital, promotes the change of operating mechanism, and forms the purpose of "learning from each other, promoting each other and developing together".

Systematic planning for development

At present, the "double hundred action" reform has completed three reform tasks for the company to comprehensively deepen the "double hundred action" comprehensive reform has played a good leading role.The next step will be to comprehensively improve the business system business reform measures.

In terms of improving the market-oriented operation mechanism, the administrative measures for professional managers and the administrative measures for contractual operation and term system were compiled to continuously promote the reform of employment system.To improve the "seventeen metallurgical human resources management system" and establish the "in and out" employment management system;We drafted the "medium - and long-term incentive management measures" and "detailed rules for the implementation of post bonus incentive" and other systems, continued to push forward the reform of the compensation system, and established a management mechanism for the distribution of compensation that can be increased or decreased.

Continue to promote the company's party building work, comprehensively strengthen the leadership of the party.The party committee of the company will further improve the party construction work system and organizational system, strengthen the party cadre allocation, promote the construction of the party branch at the primary level.We will promote the effective integration of community-level party building with production and operation, and test the effectiveness of party building with the results of reform and operation.

Call new as a new era, from a new starting line, 10 QiYe earnest implementation of state-owned assets of state-owned enterprises reform policy of "1 + N" spirit, complete the "double hundred" comprehensive reform initiatives, fully release the reform development dividend, turn crisis into opportunities, will bring the negative factors of epidemic converted to overcome the difficult of positive factors, comprehensive realization of "83121" development goals for the company to lay a solid foundation, steady high quality development add vitality continuously for the enterprise.