Variety and application of hot dip galvanized steel

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Variety and application of hot dip galvanized steel

The common hot-dip galvanized steel products include galvanized steel sheet and strip, galvanized steel wire and wire mesh, galvanized steel pipe, galvanized section steel and structural parts, galvanized pipe fittings (malleable iron pipe fittings), galvanized parts, fasteners, galvanized device products, etc. the common coatings include pure zinc coating, zinc aluminum alloy coating (zinc aluminum rare earth, zinc aluminum magnesium, zinc aluminum lead), zinc nickel alloy coating Al Zn alloy coating (Al Zn SI), etc. Galvanized products are widely used in construction, communication, electric power, transportation, energy, automobile, light industry (household appliances), agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, petrochemical and other industries

(1) Light industry, home appliance industry: air conditioners, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, water heaters and other home appliances shell and bottom plate, computer bottom plate and shell, civil chimneys, kitchenware, buckets, containers, etc.

(2) Power and communication industry: power transmission and transformation tower, communication tower, cable armor belt, galvanized low carbon steel wire for communication, galvanized steel wire for steel core aluminum hinge wire, hanger, galvanized steel strand for suspension and fastening. Pole cross arm, stay wire and fastener, all kinds of cable tray.

(3) Construction industry: all kinds of light steel keel for industrial and civil construction, building layer panel, corrugated board, roof grid, galvanized pipe for ventilation, water supply and drainage.

(4) Automobile industry: car body, door, bottom plate, inner plate, etc.

(5) Transportation: highway guardrail, highway isolation network, light poles for roads and highways, various signs, galvanized structural parts for bridges.

(6) Metallurgy, chemical industry: all kinds of low-pressure liquid transmission galvanized pipe, structural frame, all kinds of containers.

(7) Agriculture: sprinkler irrigation pipes, light steel keel for plastic greenhouse, granary, storage and transportation containers, farm tools, galvanized iron wire for binding( 8) Fishery and animal husbandry: steel wire rope for fishery and net fence for animal husbandry.