What are the common problems in the production and transportation of color coated rolls

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What are the common problems in the production and transportation of color coated rolls

In the process of application of color coated rolls, we can't avoid some small achievements, which we must face. The following is a detailed list of the results that will appear.

First, the detailed parts of the color coating roll:


1. Substrate scratch


2. When making veneers, pay attention to the scratches on the back, and the color difference will occur. The light color on the back is easy to occur


3. Scratches on the spray pipe: mainly refers to the front of the strip


4. Scratches on the guide plate at the entrance section (main back)


5. Scratches in curing furnace The objects inside the curing furnace are sagging (rare), and the front side is scratched due to excessive tension. Most of them refer to excessive tension when thick materials are replaced with thin materials.


6. Scratches on the exit loop during emergency stop and parking unloading (rare)


7. Scratches on the squeeze roll. Usually, when the extruding roll does not rotate


8. The foreign matters at the outlet section are scratched, and there are foreign matters on the outlet guide plate, and most of them are on the back or the scissors


9. The S roll is scratched and the water cooling squeezing effect is not good. The water is brought into the S roll. The difference between the furnace body tension and the outlet looper tension is too large, which constitutes the S roll slipping.


10. The temperature of the curing furnace plate for initial coating is not enough, and the paint is not cured well. The back paint is stuck off by the shaking roller before water cooling