What is the purpose of galvanized steel coil

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What is the purpose of galvanized steel coil

Definition of galvanized coil coating

1. Normal zinc flower coating

In the normal solidification process, zinc grains grow freely to form a coating with obvious zinc flower morphology.

2. Small zinc flower coating

During the solidification process of zinc coating, the zinc grains are artificially limited to form as small a zinc flower coating as possible.

3. Zinc free plating

Obtained by adjusting the chemical composition of the plating solution, it does not have a visually visible "zinc flower morphology" and the surface is uniform_ Coating caused by.

4. Zinc iron alloy coating

Heat treatment is carried out on the steel strip after passing through the galvanizing bath, so that the whole coating generates an alloy layer of zinc and iron. This kind of coating has a dark gray appearance and is free of metal light dross. It is easy to be powdered in the violent forming process. It is suitable for the coating that can be directly painted without further treatment except general cleaning.

5. Differential thickness coating

For both sides of galvanized steel plate, it is required to have coatings with different zinc layer weights.

6. Finishing

Finishing is a kind of cold rolling process with small deformation for "inch galvanized steel plate for one or more of the following purposes". Improve the surface appearance of galvanized steel plate or suitable for decorative coating; Make the slip line or crease of the finished product disappear when the force DT is temporarily reduced to the minimum.

What is the purpose of galvanized roll

Galvanizing coil is a steel sheet that immerses the steel sheet into the molten zinc scull "to make its surface adhere with a layer of zinc. Galvanizing coil can be divided into hot-rolled galvanizing coil and cold-rolled hot-dip galvanizing coil. "At present, continuous galvanizing process is mainly used for production, that is, the rolled steel plate is continuously immersed in the zinc melting bath to make galvanized steel plate.

Due to its strong corrosion resistance, good surface quality, conducive to deep processing, economic and practical characteristics, galvanized coils are widely used in the fields of construction, household appliances, automobiles, containers, transportation and household industry. Especially in steel structure construction, automobile manufacturing, steel warehouse manufacturing and other industries.