What kind of brush treatment method is usually adopted for color coated substrate

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What kind of brush treatment method is usually adopted for color coated substrate

The grinding brush treatment of the substrate is to remove dirt by the solution of alkali lotion and the mechanical friction of the brush.
Brush processing of color coating production line is designed into mechanical, brush grinding equipment is also known as scrubbing machine, usually by rotating brush roller, brush roller storage box brush roller electric control device, alkali nozzle circulation system.
Brush grinding processing general Settings between the secondary skim period, with a special brush roller materials, cooperate with alkali wash, the substrate surface of rotary abrasive brush up and down, its direction of rotation and the direction of steel strip running the same or the opposite, with high speed movement on the surface of the substrate by brush produced by friction, remove dirt from the substrate surface adhesion and crude oxide, make the substrate surface activity.
Brush rollers usually come in two types, compression brushes and stiff brushes.
Compression brush is a very fine particle of silicon carbide or alumina abrasive bonded to nylon wire, and then this nylon wire into fiberboard or cushion, after curing cut into a section of the ring shell, mounted on a roller roller.
The brush body of the stiff bristle brush is made of nylon wire containing silicon carbide abrasive.
Abrasive size is different, the use is also different, two kinds of brushes have their advantages and disadvantages.
Compression brush because of the abrasive particle size is very fine, and the brush roller on the surface of the brush pressure is larger, so the brushed substrate surface uniform, the disadvantage is due to the nylon wire is thin easy to tear, short service life.
The obvious advantage of the stiff bristle brush is the nylon silk wear resistance is good, so the service life is long, about a few times that of the compression brush, but this brush is not suitable for the treatment of thin plate substrate, plate thin not only treatment effect is not ideal, and will cause the substrate crimpy.
In the process of using the brush roller scrubbing machine, in order to prevent nylon wire overheating and melting, should constantly spray lye to the surface of the plate, in order to cool and wet.