Process flow of aluminized zinc plate

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Process flow of aluminized zinc plate

Technological process of uncoiling stage: the crane lifts the steel coil to the inlet saddle, and the winding car takes the steel coil from the saddle and sends it to the uncoiler drum. The uncoiler rotates, the uncoiler swings up, and the strip head enters the pinch leveler. The strip steel moves forward, and the tail of the last coil and the head of the next coil are sheared and welded on the narrow lap welder. The strip steel enters the inlet looper after alkali spray, alkali scrubbing, electrolytic degreasing, water scrubbing, spray cleaning and drying.

Coating process stage: the strip steel enters the continuous annealing furnace through deviation correction roll, steering roll and tension roll, with a length of about 300 meters. The strip steel enters the zinc pot along the furnace nose after heat treatment in the annealing furnace. The strip steel comes out of the zinc pot with a layer of liquid zinc on the surface. The excess liquid zinc is blown off by the compressed air ejected by the air knife to ensure the uniform thickness of the zinc layer. The strip steel enters air cooling and then enters water quenching tank for cooling. The strip steel enters the chemical treatment section for passivation treatment after passing through the finishing machine and the tension leveler.

Finally, enter the winding stage. The strip steel enters the exit looper and enters the coiler for coiling after inspection and oiling. When the required coil weight is reached, it is separated. The coil unloading trolley unloads the steel coil from the coiler, and the crown block lifts the steel coil to the finished product warehouse after plating for packaging or transportation to the color coating production line for the production of color coated plates.