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Shandong ZhongCansteel New Material Co.,LTD. Is a modern integrated production enterprise which incorporates the processing & manufacturing of Cold-rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, Galvalume Steel, and Prepainted Steel, sales and logistics.The total investment of the project is 2.6 billion RMB, covering an area of 128.5 acres,  with an annual capacity of 1.5 million tons.

Shandong ZhongCansteel New Material Co.,LTD.


Galvanizing steel production line with annual output of 200000 tons, which

adopts the most advanced American GBNB and Germany's Siemens electrical

control systems. it can produce ZERO zinc spangle, small-zinc spangle and

common zinc spangle etc.Thickness from 0.125 mm to 4.5mm, and width from

500 mm to 1250 mm, and zinc coating from 40 - 275 g/m2, surface passivation and oil-coating can be performed. In addition, the company introduces a slitting machine, which can meet the customers' different requirements on the width.

And Two roll-formed machines , which can produce wave roofing sheet and

Trapezoidal corrugated sheet.


Glavalume steel production line with annual output of 200000 tons, Glavalume

steel consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon treated with the

hot galvanizing technology under the high temperature of 600 ℃. we can

produce colored anti-fingerprint GL, colorless transparent anti-fingerprint GL,

chromium-free passivated anti-fingerprint GL,etc. Anti-fingerprint treatment on

its surface not only enhances the anti-corrosion ability, but also increases the

aesthetic value of the plate.


Two prepainted galvanized steel lines with annual output of 400,000 tons. The

production line adopts double - coated  & double - drying processing

technology, which can produce single - sided ppgi , double - sided ppgi,

wrinkled ppgi, and printed ppgi. The paints use Akzonobel, Nippon, winter as

its trademarks which are famous in home and abroad , material including PE,

SMP, HDP, PVDF etc. the paint film can reach 30 microns. Zhongcansteel export 150000tons ppgi annually, and Successfully establish sales agents in uzbekistan, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil. Etc. 


(1)Quality is the foundation of enterprise

 Zhongcansteel introduces the advanced testing equipments and builds up a

professional scientific research team, strictly control the quality on each steps of production. including inspection on raw materials entry, product's color

analysis during production,T-bend test, impact test, salt-spray test, tensile test

and packaging testing on exported products , which ensures its integrated

performance such as corrosion resistance, coating stickiness etc and the safety

of transportation. Zhongcansteel products are widely used in automobile,

home appliance, home decoration, solar energy, construction and other fields.

(2)Service is the soul of enterprise

 Nowadays, the economic globalization is facilitating international operation,

our company go to many countries and regions to participate in the steel

industry exhibition. our Products sell pretty well not only in domestic market,

but also prevails in Europe, such as southeast Asia, Russia, Ukraine, the United

States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia and other countries and regions, which has

earned the customers trust & compliment and successfully transitioned from

home to abroad. 


(1)INTEGRITY zhongcansteel

Zhongcansteel is based on integrity. Ensuring the quality of the products and prompt delivery and satisfying after-sales service will reassure our customers, we will be your trustworthy trading partner!! 

(2)GREEN zhongcansteel

zhongcansteel adheres to the philosophy of green & sustainable development, building a green enterprise, the successful implementation of waste heat recycle and industrial wastewater treatment, acid regeneration projects, improve the utilization rate of energy and reduce greenhouse gas and sewage discharge, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection. 

(3)HUMANITY zhongcansteel

The enterprise is our shared home. only if it is filled with love and hope can the team get close to each other. The company provides a good working and living environment for its employees. Substantially improve staff quality and professional skills through irregular training. By carrying out colorful cultural and travel activities, we can enrich our staff's life and provide better welfare benefits for our employees.

In the 21st century, zhongcansteel is holding fast to the opportunities, and with a firm belief that " basing in China then marching towards

the world" , constantly seeking innovations and developments. 

        The second phase of the project is under construction, with a

plan to cover more than 80,000 square meters and an investment of

560 million RMB and add two thick plate high - zinc coating

production lines. 

        Forge first-class quality, create first-class enterprise.

zhongcansteel workers will definitely drive developments with

innovation and create  excellence with powerful strength.