Steel "backbone" in the world's large theme park

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Steel "backbone" in the world's large theme park

Beijing Universal Studios was officially opened in September 20th. Steel is the core material for the construction of Universal Studios in Beijing. The main building steel structure has reached 52763 tons. In addition, with its universal studios metro station, only 4500 tons of roof steel structure were used. Paris's Disney Park, Universal Studios, Connie Island amusement park and other large theme parks are equipped with steel amusement facilities built by the Italy amusement facility, zampe. Zambera company started as a circus in the early 20th century and entered the amusement facility manufacturing industry through the construction of street cinemas in the 1960s. Today, zambera has become a high-end supplier of theme park amusement facilities and is at the forefront of the modern entertainment industry.

Antonio zambera, chief Innovation Officer of zambera company, said: "In terms of the number of amusement facilities we manufacture, we are the largest amusement facilities manufacturer in the world. We produce more than 250 large amusement facilities every year, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. They are all used in large amusement parks such as Disney and ring ball studios around the world. We create entertainment, and we use the steel built amusement facilities. Passengers. It can be said that our business scope covers the world. "

Antonio zambera is the third generation of the family. His grandfather founded this amusement facility company 55 years ago. Antonio Sr. was the owner of a circus. He independently built and operated some small amusement equipment, and took them to various performances and exhibitions. Later, his colleagues in the circus began to ask Antonio Sr. to order them To make some amusement equipment, old Antonio established an amusement facility manufacturing company in Vicenza city in northern Italy to manufacture and produce steel parts and structural parts of amusement facilities. Later, the company developed into a global amusement facility manufacturing enterprise.

Antonio zambera has been learning to assemble amusement equipment since he was a teenager. He has practiced in different fields of amusement equipment manufacturing industry. After years of experience, he began to be responsible for the innovative business of the company. It was Antonio's grandfather's innovative thinking that ignited the fire for the rapid development of the company in the future. In the 1960s, the audience of amusement equipment was single Yes, it is only for adults or children. However, the amusement facilities designed by zambera integrate the audience into one, which is a kind of amusement facility that both adults and children can ride. "This concept fundamentally promotes the development of the whole company. Our idea is to bring people together for entertainment and create beautiful memories together," Antonio zambera stressed.

Antonio zambera, like his grandfather, is also committed to developing innovative thinking, which can be seen from the scale and types of amusement facilities currently produced by the company. However, there is one thing in common between the first amusement facilities launched by the company in the 1960s and the amusement facilities in the current theme park, that is, they are all made of steel.

The team led by Vittorio Babini, engineering director of zambera company, is responsible for solving all technical problems in the research and manufacturing of amusement facilities.

The company said that the reason why a special technical research team needs to be established is that amusement facilities such as roller coasters put forward very high requirements for design teams, engineering teams, structural parts and component materials. Roller coasters in amusement parks are intensively used all year round, and the environmental conditions of different amusement parks are also very different, which is as hot as Florida The humid environment is also as hot and dry as Dubai. In the face of the performance challenges brought by these factors, stability and reliability are the key, which is the advantage of steel materials. In the field of designing and manufacturing roller coasters, there are two very important considerations: passenger safety and ride experience. The ride experience expected by tourists should be transformed into meeting all relevant safety requirements Finding a set of engineering parameters is a complex and time-consuming process. When considering these two factors, selecting the correct material is the most important.

"We used steel from the beginning," Babini said, "Therefore, as a professional amusement facility manufacturing company, we have learned to integrate steel into the design and construction process. For us, steel is the main building material we use, not only because of the excellent performance of steel materials, but also because of our excellent ability to use steel to build facility components."

Building a roller coaster is a very demanding project. Considering performance, weight and safety, it is a challenge that can not be ignored. "Steel is a very flexible material," Babini said, "Steel is not only suitable for the construction of the main structure of amusement facilities, but also suitable for the construction of mechanical components. In the construction process of roller coaster, we have not encountered any other building materials that can effectively replace steel, except that some equipment will use wood." Antonio zampella said.

Zambera has been continuously improving its design level in its business dealings with Disney. Since being invited to make the first amusement facility for Disneyland in Paris in the late 1980s, zambera has built nearly 30 amusement facilities for Disneyland around the world. In terms of the number of amusement facilities provided by the company for large theme parks around the world, it is very important It has become the world's largest amusement facility supplier.

"The construction of landmark amusement facilities for the Disney Dumbo project is a very special experience in the development history of zambera company," Babini said, "Disney Company is a very excellent enterprise, so it is also a very demanding customer. In the process of cooperation with Disney Company, we should strictly follow the Disney Company's timeline, which increases the difficulty of our work. Therefore, we have not only grown in the technical level, but also continued to learn and make progress in project management. Although we cooperate with di every time SNI's cooperation requires a lot of investment, but every cooperation is pleasant. "

As the company's chief Innovation Officer, Antonio zambera has been actively designing a new generation of amusement facilities. He said that the next generation of facilities will involve the integration of new technology and traditional amusement structures. "We are currently focusing on Augmented Reality (AR)," he said, "We hope to gather people and share entertainment through the inclusive technology of virtual reality." nevertheless, some things are likely to remain unchanged, that is, the need for safety, reliability and excellent riding experience, as well as the need for the steel "backbone" to make all this possible.