Application of steel plate

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Application of steel plate

With the continuous development of industrial technology, people also put forward higher requirements for steel. Steel plate is one of the four kinds of steel (plate, pipe, profile and wire), and it is also a common building material. In developed countries, steel plate production accounts for more than 50% of the total steel production, and China's steel plate production is also growing. Let's get to know the steel plate specification, size and representation.

Steel plate is a kind of flat steel with large width thickness ratio and surface area. Steel plate is divided into thin plate and thick plate according to thickness. Sheet steel is produced by hot rolling or cold rolling with a thickness of 0.2-4mm. The width of steel sheet is 500-1400mm. According to different uses, the thin steel plate is rolled with different materials. Commonly used materials are plain carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, stainless steel, spring steel and electrical silicon steel. They are mainly used in automobile industry, aviation industry, enamel industry, electrical industry, machinery industry and other sectors. In addition to direct delivery after rolling, there are pickling, galvanizing and tinning types of steel sheet.

The steel grade of thick steel plate is basically the same as that of thin steel plate. In terms of products, in addition to bridge steel plate, boiler steel plate, automobile manufacturing steel plate, pressure vessel steel plate and multi-layer high pressure vessel steel plate, some kinds of steel plate, such as automobile beam steel plate (2.5 ~ 10 mm thick), pattern steel plate (2.5 ~ 8 mm thick), stainless steel plate, heat-resistant steel plate and so on, are crossed with thin plate.

In addition, the steel plate also has the material. Not all steel plates are the same. The material is different, and the steel plate is used in different places.