On the strategy of strengthening safety management in iron and steel enterprises

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On the strategy of strengthening safety management in iron and steel enterprises

As a Chinese saying goes, "the people are the foundation of the country, and the stability of the country means peace." security is an important issue concerning people's livelihood.China's iron and steel enterprise security management existing in the safety consciousness, safety education formal, low efficiency of security check, security system is not perfect, will directly lead to potential safety problems difficult to troubleshoot, safety accident prevention, hard, in turn, make the employee's personal safety is not security, to the enterprise economic benefit, social harmony and stability of very serious negative impact.Therefore, in order to solve the problems in the safety management of steel enterprises and strengthen the safety management of steel enterprises, the following aspects should be improved:

1. Improve the safety awareness of employees

Safety consciousness is the basic understanding and thinking of safety in people's mind, which directly affects people's behavior.Weak safety consciousness is the root cause of safety accidents.In his report to the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), general secretary xi jinping made it clear that we should foster the concept of security and development and promote the concept of putting life and safety first.Therefore, improving the safety awareness of employees is an important way for steel enterprises to strengthen safety management.To solve the problem of weak safety consciousness, we should start from the following aspects: first, we should have a correct understanding.To ensure personal safety of individuals is not only to ensure safe production, improve the efficiency of enterprises and promote the development of enterprises, but also to be responsible for their relatives, families and, most importantly, for themselves.To be able to clearly understand: security is not only to safeguard the interests of enterprises and countries, but also to protect their own lives.In other words, they are the biggest beneficiaries of security.Second, be wary.Be alert to the causes of accidents and fear the consequences.Always keep the heart of safety, always keep alert, often safe things, force to eliminate hidden dangers, take precautions to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.Third, to actively participate in safety education, serious study of safety knowledge, safety skills and safety examples, to know safety, understand safety, go all out to ensure safety.In short, to consciously abide by the safety system, take the initiative to implement safety procedures, actively cooperate with the safety management, consciously put the "I want to be safe" into "I want to be safe".

Second, change the mode of safety education


The main problem of safety education in iron and steel enterprises is not that the enterprises do not pay attention to and implement it, but that the subordinate units do not carry it out in strict accordance with the requirements of the company.In order to avoid the problem that safety education becomes a mere formality, we must improve the model of safety education from the following aspects: first, the content of safety education should not only pay attention to the accumulation of safety knowledge, but also pay attention to the mastery of safety operation skills.At present, the content of safety education in iron and steel enterprises involves traffic safety, public security management, production technology, production safety, accident analysis and other aspects, on the site of the drill, the actual operation of the content is relatively little.Safety education should pay more attention to the combination of theory and practice, should pay more attention to practical operation, to ensure that safety accidents can be scientific response, correct self-help.Secondly, in the form of safety education should be more rich, and should choose according to different content should be reasonable way of education, such as systematic theoretical knowledge can be used in a seminar, involved in the actual operation skills can adopt the way of practice teaching, the content of the need to master the emergency measures can adopt accident case teaching and the practice a combination of, etc.Thirdly, the way of safety education assessment should be improved.Previous evaluation of safety education way is to test and exam content often little changed, the single evaluation method and evaluation content is bound to cause mental fatigue, so, should take other appropriate assessment methods, such as the need to keep in mind the commonsense knowledge can adopt the way of the knowledge contest, need to master the safety skills can adopt the way of skill competition, etc., to help employees understand safety knowledge and skills.Finally, the model of safety education is transformed into "Internet + safety education". Employees can learn safety knowledge anytime and anywhere and participate in educational evaluation with the help of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers, making safety education a kind of conscious and regular learning.

Third, establish and improve the safety management system

Whether the safety reward and punishment mechanism is not reasonable, the safety responsibility mechanism is not sound, or the labor protection equipment management system is not reasonable, or the emergency mechanism is lack of effectiveness, is the safety management system is not sound.To solve the existing problems, we must establish and improve the safety management system from the following aspects: first, to improve the safety management system.Iron and steel enterprise should according to the guidelines and policies and laws and regulations and safety management to perfect the existing safety management system, and formulate concrete implementation plan, determine the specific operation specification, inspection requirements, evaluation standard, etc., should also add special auditing position or department, strict inspection system, ensure effectively perform various rules and regulations and implementation plan, to ensure the safety risk on a tight leash.Second, we should establish security responsibility mechanism, according to the actual operation situation, clear division of responsibility of each position, employees from the leading cadre to form a network security responsibility, on the base of implement the security responsibility, mutual supervision, to ensure that every job can attentively and responsible, and ensure that all of the production process, all mechanical equipment management, someone in charge.Third, we will improve the system of rewards and punishments.On the basis of clarifying the responsibilities of personnel at all levels, it is necessary to conduct investigation on those responsible for the accident in strict accordance with the punishment mechanism of safety management, and timely report the investigation results, so as to strictly track down the responsibility of the accident and draw lessons from it, so as to prevent similar accidents from happening again.To obstruct or obstruct the safety inspection, safety rectification of the behavior, to give a strict punishment.In addition, it is necessary to change the tradition of focusing only on fault assessment, to closely link performance with the realization of safety objectives and the implementation of safety responsibilities, and to add safety reward items, such as safety production contribution award, to improve the enthusiasm of all levels of personnel.Fourth, we need to make the emergency response mechanism more effective.According to the existing emergency plan and the actual situation of each department, enterprises should make targeted, operable and practical emergency plan by classification and classification. After the review, they should not only release official documents, but also improve the effectiveness of the emergency plan through professional training and on-site drills.

Safety is the eternal theme of iron and steel enterprises and the key to their survival and development.Iron and steel enterprises should not only improve the safety awareness of employees, change the mode of safety education, establish and improve the safety management system, but also take talent training and technological innovation as the breakthrough point, take the construction of "Internet + safety management" model as the development direction, strengthen safety management, and strictly prevent safety accidents.Only in this way, can we continuously improve the safety management level of steel enterprises, ensure the personal safety of employees, ensure the safe production of enterprises, reduce the loss of talents and economic losses of enterprises, and help enterprises achieve sustainable development.